Board of Directors

Updated Saturday October 27, 2018 by Pete Mortensen.

Executive Board:

President:  Chris Chaisty

Vice President:  Anthony Capuano

ACTING Treasurer: Chris Chaisty

Secretary:  Corie Credidio



Registrar:  Jeff Nagel Registration:  631-447-2466        

Intramurals Trustee:  Jeannie Pappaeliou 

Intramurals Trustee:  Rich Wilches

Equipment and Fields:  Rich Caviglia

Travel Trustee:  Jim Szollosi                         

ACTING Travel Trustee:  Anthony Capuano

Interleague Trustee:  Matt Walker

Interleague Trustee:  Wayne Young

Tournament Trustee:   Kevin D'Angelis

Parent Auxilary:  Jeanine Rotolo

Acting Scheduler:  Peter Mortensen



ChairpersonAl Esposito            Director:  Brian Pontecorvo 516-819-0052