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For Travel players...

UpdatedMonday July 27, 2020 byChris Chaisty.

Good afternoon Travel families,

We are excited to officially welcome you back to the start of the Fall 2020 season!  While we know there are still hurdles to overcome at this stage we're happy to be able to return back to play.  From entering New York State's Phase 4, to now being permitted to train in small groups of 9, to eventual full team training on 7/27, soccer is slowing coming together.  

Regarding Covid-19 protocol

Please visit our website at for more information on our Covid-19 response.  By no means is this document meant to be all encompassing.  We ask that all follow the necessary protocol for keeping our children and families safe.  While soccer is important the health of our Sachem families is of the utmost importance.     

Regarding practice facilities

The Club will continue to speak with the Sachem Central School District on the physical return to the Waverly fields. To reiterate our last discussion with the school district- the New York State Executive Order prohibits the use of school property by outside organizations.  Per the school this applies to any community-based club that plays on school district property.  So while we have heard/seen individuals out on Waverly and other Sachem properties they are there unauthorized.  

The good news- by now you should have heard from your team trainer and/or administrator advising that we've secured the Holbrook Country Club for training.  We don't foresee any issues with the Town of Islip and we ask for your consideration when visiting the complex.    

Unfortunately at this stage we cannot answer whether or not we will have a season.  The best we can do is prepare as if there will be one.  Under separate cover you will receive an announcement regarding registration.  We ask for your immediate attention to this as the deadline to register as a Club through Long Island Junior Soccer League is quickly upon us.   

Regarding travel tryouts

You will find on our website contact information for the age appropriate individuals.  Please direct any questions regarding tryouts to these individuals.  Should you have any further questions we ask that you reach out to our Director of Coaches (contact information also provided on our website).  

Academy program

Announcement to also follow under separate cover.  

In closing

We thank you for your support during these difficult times.  Admittedly the Club has been last minute in terms of communication, however given how fluid the pandemic has been we provide information as soon as we receive it.  For most that we talk to there is an excitement to get back out on the fields.  We share that same excitement however completely understand anyone who may have trepidation returning.  Suffice to say we are living through this together and it is our hope that soccer will help bring us back some level of normalcy.  

Please stay safe and all the best for good health,

Chris Chaisty