Sachem Academy

Updated Wednesday September 19, 2018 by Bart Polster.



The Sachem Academy was created to help bridge the gap between Intramural Soccer and Travel Soccer.   The Academy Provides a professionally trained environment all year. 

ABOUT the Academy:

 (LIPS) Professional trainers will provide a soccer curriculum that is designed to provide both skill training and proper technique that will set the stage to both learn and love the game.  This curriculum is sure to make their path to success fun and enjoyable.  L.I.P.S. will provide a safe, fun and structured positive learning environment that will allow each child all the freedoms and opportunities to become a confident creative problem solver on the field. We look to both challenge and to inspire players to challenge themselves to be the best version of themselves both on and off the field. 

Training– Professional training 3x a week (2x training, 1x game)

Games– 4v4 league play (US Mandate), 7v7 (based on ability.) 

Tournaments– 1-2 tournaments per season 

Cost-$300 –Covers all Training Fees


WHO Is the Academy:

BOYS & GIRLS Birth year: 2011, 2012

We welcome advanced through beginner players looking to learn and love the game!  

For more information regarding our program please contact our Travel Trustee

Anthony Capuano at