Updated Wednesday May 16, 2018 by Jeff Nagel.

Sachem Youth Soccer League Scholarship

1. The SYSL Community Scholarship Awards shall be presented annually.  These awards shall be open to both male and female seniors.

2. Eligibility:  Each candidate shall be required to meet the following criteria.

a) A candidate must be a high school senior, accepted by an accredited university/ college.

b) A candidate shall have attained a grade point average of “C” (70%) or higher.

c) A candidate shall have been an active member in the SYSL program for a minimum of three (3) years, preferably through his/her senior year in high school.

NOTE: a member is considered active in the SYSL program is he/she is a player, coach, referee or has volunteered in any SYSL sponsored functions.
d) Each candidate shall be required to submit written information to substantiate the following:
 1) Describe your involvement with SYSL
 2) Academic Records
 3) Letter of acceptance to a university/college

e) Each candidate shall be required to submit a minimum of two (2) letters of recommendation.  Letters written by candidate’s family members, relatives or members of the SYSL Community Scholarship Awards Committee will not be accepted.

f) Each candidate shall be required to submit a short essay (approx. 250 words) on either one of the following:

Option 1: Describe how you have been impacted by your involvement in the SYSL program.

Options 2: Describe the importance of having organized youth sports in a community.

g) All applications MUST be received by SYSL on or before May 15th.

Mail to: 
SYSL Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 327
Lake Ronkonkoma, N.Y. 11779