Interleague U9+

UpdatedWednesday May 16, 2018 byJeff Nagel.

Interleague U9+

terleague is a recreational travel program.  It allows a child to continue playing soccer without the commitment and cost of a competitive travel program.  Minor travel is required with away games in Suffolk County against neighboring soccer clubs.
Coaches and players are encouraged to constantly recruit friends playing other sports (or not) throughout the season to join them recreationally to enjoy the game of soccer!!! 
(Optional Professional Training)
Interleague Teams can obtain occasional professional training from Long Island Professional Soccer to help connect the rest of the academy club training programs - Please contact your Interleague Director of Coaching (DOC) Bart Polster 

US Club Youth Player Registration

     Interleague Players & Coaches are insured via US Club.  Players must have a US Club Player Registration Form on file with their Team.  Please complete the attached form and submit it to your Team Coach.

     Interleague Players & Coaches must have a US Club pass to play. SYSL provides the pass.  However, please ensure that the latest photo of your child is uploaded to SportsSignUp. (Head shot only please)

SSI Sportsmanship Policy

     All Coaches, Players, and Parents, must read and sign SSI's Sportsmanship Policy at the beginning of each season.  (Fall & Spring)

     Teams violating the policy will be fined and suspended.

SSI 5 Goal Differential Rule

     SSI uses a 5 Goal Differential Rule.  Please be aware of the rule and follow the recommendations provided to control scoring.

     Teams violating the rule will be fined and suspended.

SSI Five Goal Rule
SSI Sportmanship Policy