Intramural Development Program

Updated Saturday September 3, 2016 by Jeff Nagel.

Intramural Development Program

The Intramural Development Programis our training option focusing on the skill development of young soccer players. The Sachem Intramural Development Program (IDP) is open to all of our intramural players and is offered in partnership with Long Island Professional Soccer.

This program will allow players to get professional trained by the LIPS organization and will focus on the Technical aspects of the game. Our goal at this age is to help players develop to their full potential. The skill level at these ages is no indication of what the skill level will be at the older ages of 16-18 years old. This Academy style approach is designed to challenge the more committed player who is looking for an environment that challenges them individually, helps them work cooperatively with their peers, while introducing age appropriate game like activities. We will continue to encourage and work with all the players to be comfortable and confident with the ball at their feet. This particular environment allows all players the same opportunity to reach their full potential and prepare for the future ages.

Sachem Intramural Development Program Fall 2016 Dates
Monday 4:30 PM (All U5 & 6 Boys) Week of 9/12
Monday 5:30 PM (All U5 & 6 Girls) Week of 9/19
Wednesday 5:00 PM (All U7 & 8 Girls) Week of 9/26
Wednesday 6:00 PM (All U7 & 8 Boys) Week of 10/3
Friday 5:00 PM (All U7 & 8 Boys) Week of 10/10
Friday 6:00 PM (All U7 & 8 Girls) Week of 10/17
Sessions missed due to weather or holidays Week of 10/24
will be made up the weeks of 11/7 and 11/14 Week of 10/31


Long Island Professional Soccer, commonly and nationally recognized as LIPS, is a comprehensive soccer training company that was established in 1998 in an effect to emphasize a players acquisition of values such as self discipline, team oriented commitment and respect while grooming individual skills. The mastery of discipline and commitment carries over to a successful performance in many aspects of a player’s life.

U5 – U6

Duration: U5's-U6's will be offered training for 1 hour, 1 time a week, directly by a professional trainer(s), from Long Island Professional Soccer.    

The objective of this program is to continue a child’s soccer education through repeated touches on the ball, in a small sided format. Through the use of progressive fun filled Technical based sessions, we will strive to teach all players age appropriate basic techniques that apply to the game. Players will be taught and should be able to dribble the ball with both feet at different speeds and change direction while keeping the ball at a controllable distance. Players should be able to demonstrate three-four different moves in a game situation and will be taught in an environment that enables all players involved to have fun and begin to become proficient with the soccer ball.

U7 – U8

Duration: U7's-U8's will be offered training for 1 hour, 2 times a week, directly by a professional trainer(s), from Long Island Professional Soccer

This program is designed to provide each child with more quality touches on the ball while advancing the players knowledge of the laws of the game and respect for the game, coaches, other players and officials. Technical ability, Spatial awareness and partnered play become more advanced as they progress through the program. Program will continue to focus on the individual player and their comfort with the ball but also will incorporate technical ability to Pass/Receive and start to introduce ground/aerial ball control.

Sachem Intramural Development Program Training is only $85 for the 8 weeks of training (once a week).  For our U7 & U8 players you have the option of enrolling in IDP training, on Wednesdays, Fridays, or both days ($170 for twice a week).

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