Field Reservations

Updated Monday April 10, 2017 by Pete Mortensen.

Travel Team Fund Raising:

Please contact the scheduler to reserve an Intramural Day  

Teams now have the availability to utilize the fields on Intramural Days to aid in the fundraising for their teams.  Teams should send a brief email to Pete Mortensen( with the following information:

Date / Time requested, name of team members that will be coordinating the event, and item(s) requesting to sell on the field.  Once approved... you will receive a confirmation email.





Field Reservations

1) Field x - "Team" - "Date From and To" - "Time From and To"

2) Field x - "Team" - "Date From and To" - "Time From and To"


3/26/2017 - Fields 4 & 5 10:00 AM - 12:00 Sachem Renegades & Sachem United